The beast leaps skyward, ready to blot out the sun. Grandiose, beligerent and bewildering.

"In the only predictable aspect of the band's sonic trajectory, "Ethos, Pathos, Logos" finds the band once again putting themselves under their own microscope and refining their approach."


"Ethos, Pathos, Logos" was a sprawling tale of a bloodthirsty despot, his feral minions, alien visitation and the illusion of choice. Set to the backdrop of frozen tundras, scorching deserts and panoptical imprisonment, zhOra's first concept album spoke to the hypocrite in all of us and shifts the gaze inward.

ALMAZ (2013)

The beast breaks its shackles and bolts the stable. Grit, brutality and melody.


"Some of the pure weight has exited in favour of a more skrunky guitar tone and a more experimental bent. Rather than build directly on what went before, they’ve decided to go sideways."


"Almaz" was a loose concept record, building on the same notion in the band's previous release. When you're in a state of submission, imagined authority is always easy to bristle against. Being your own oppressor is something harder to sidestep.


From humble beginnings, the beast arose - caged. Infancy, aggression and exuberance.


"It’s so hard to find sonic comparisons for Zhora. But consider this. For a start, they’re stompingly heavy, levelling down riffs with a real weight. They’re progressive too, playing challenging formats and signatures but minus any of the self indulgence that usually surrounds the phrase ‘progressive’ like a bad smell."


"Feet Nailed to the Ground" was a way of expressing the desire to stop getting in your own way and removing that which you use to hold your self down.

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